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Keeping up with your monthly bookkeeping is vital to a healthy business. If all you are doing is looking to see how much money is in your checking account you will never get ahead.

I can help you keep your monthly bookkeeping up to date and make sure that your books are accurate and you are being charged correctly for all your expenses.

Keeping your Monthly Bookkeeping up to date also makes tax season run smoothly. Also by keeping it up to to date as the year goes on you will be ready to do your taxes that much earlier in the year.

Many CPA’s have given me compliments that the books I do for my clients are the cleanest books they have ever seen. Keeping your CPA happy is vital to having a good relationship and it will save you money because they will have less work to do as well.


Are you a small business that can’t afford a bookkeeper but needs help setting up your books and understanding how the software works? I have Group and 1-on-1 sessions available.

I’d love to help you learn more about your bookkeeping software. Sign up for monthly webinars in a group or 1-on-1.

I meet with clients one on one using Zoom where we can share each others screen and see where you are struggling tot understand how your bookkeeping program works. I will meet with you for 90 minute sessions and we can go over all the questions you have.

I have 90 day group sessions where we meet every other week and go over different parts of the software to help you get your books setup and everything categorized and reconciled.

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If you enjoy doing your bookkeeping each month but want to make sure it is being done correctly I can check-in with your bookkeeping each month or quarter to make sure you are on the right page for tax time.



“There is no way this can be done remotely.”
But it can be done very easily with cloud based programs, apps, and online statements. I will communicate with you weekly via Skype, Slack and Email.

I want to help you and make your life 1000 times easier so you don’t have to worry about the taxman anymore! I can work with you and your accountant and make sure everything gets taken care of in an organized matter.

Soon you won’t know why you suffered through the agony of taxes every year and didn’t hire me soone

Monthly Bookkeeping (Monthly-Yearly Income and Expense Tracking)

Monthly Check-Ins


Sponsored Posts, ad revenue, and Affiliate Tracking

Make sure you get paid for sponsored content

Create Monthly and Yearly Reports

Bank Reconciliation

Paperwork Organization Consulting


a free consultation.

your business needs.

more of you time!

frequently asked questions

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording financial transactions, maintaining accurate financial records, reconciling accounts, and providing financial reports to help businesses manage their finances effectively.

Yes. Having a bookkeeper will save you time and money. Hiring me will ensure that your financial records are accurate and up to date. This is essential for making business decisions, and meeting tax obligations.

Most businesses do not have enough work to hire an in-house bookkeeper. It is also more cost-effective than an employee. With the use of cloud technology and my client portal it is very easy to get what I need from you virtually. 

Virtual Bookkeepers save you time and money so you can reinvest in your business. The less time you spend doing your books, the more time you can spend with your clients and family.

I am not a CPA and I do not do taxes. I am a bookkeeper that has worked with many CPAs that have said I send them the cleanest books they have ever seen. I work with CPAs that I can refer you to and we will work together to get your taxes done.

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording financial transactions, maintaining accurate financial records, reconciling accounts, and providing financial reports to help businesses manage their finances effectively.

I have been a Quickbooks Certified Advanced Proadvisor for over 10 years and use Quickbooks Online with all of my clients. I work with Quickbooks Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. If you have a current subscription you can easily add me to your subscription.  If you do not currently have a subscription, we can get you set up with one.

My packages start at $300 a month for basic bookkeeping. Based on your needs I tailor my packages to fit your business. I charge you a package price each month so there will be no surprises. My packages are based on the number of bank accounts, credit cards, loans, POS Systems and transactions you have each month.

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